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Livelihood Support

In addition to our health programs and research, we aim to improve the livelihood of our communities by investing in targeted interventions that will provide compounding economic benefits for years to come.


Promoting Economic Activity

EARLY INITIATIVES: Through our MaCHI Program, we have supported our community health workers coming together to start a SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization) to promote financial flexibility within their cohort. Shown left are several CHWs preparing to select recipients of their monthly SACCO distribution.

NEW DEVELOPMENTS & FUTURE DIRECTION:  In early 2022, to advance P-HEALED's Economic Development activities, we recruited Mr. Katozi Johnson as our first Livelihood Officer. Mr. Johnson has been engaging with our Bugoye Office Team to better understand the economic environment of the villages in which we work.  Through 2022, Mr. Johnson is leading in-depth Focus Group Discussions with community members to identify targeted, impactful interventions according to the expressed needs of those we strive to serve.

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