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Our Programs

Based in the Rwenzori Mountains of rural Western Uganda, our programs target difficult-to-reach communities often deprived of services available in more urban and semi-urban settings.  Read below for more detail on each of our programs.


Community Health Work: iCCM

In 2020 we trained 20 Community Health Workers to treat pediatric illnesses according to the Ugandan Ministry of Health and WHO iCCM protocol in the Maliba Sub-County of Western Uganda. Based on the impact of our program the local government has requested we expand to support more communities in the district with this life-saving intervention.

Hypertension Clinic

In 2014, we founded the first Hypertension Clinic in the region and now treat over 700 patients from the surrounding communities. We have demonstrated significant improvements in blood pressure control with our interventions and continue to enroll new patients weekly.


Hepatitis B Clinic

There is growing recognition across Uganda that Hepatitis B is severely under-diagnosed and a significant cause of debilitation and death. Our own research identified a local prevalence of 10% in some villages,  all previously undiagnosed. We are now working to establish the first Hepatitis B Clinic in the District to improve access to testing and treatment.

Livelihood Support

In addition to our health programs and research, we aim to improve the economic activities in our communities by investing in targeted interventions that will provide compounding benefits for years to come.

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